For those of us who suffer with mental illness… I think one of the biggest problems is that we do NOT know who we are… We are so busy trying to figure out why we can’t seem to fit in… and this takes up ALL of our TIME and ENERGY.

Well… let me tell you… YOU are SPECIAL… there is NO ONE else like YOU… You were created with your own unique gifts… gifts that the world is waiting to discover and see…  This is not a commercial trying to sell you on buying something you really don’t need… IT IS THE TRUTH…. WE are ALL SPECIAL and UNIQUE… we ALL have things within us that ONLY US can do.

Learning to find our unique giftings is the KEY to finding our purpose… and I don’t care who you are or where you come from… YOU have UNIQUE gifts.

This world revolves around DRAMA… and the world is VERY JUDGMENTAL… There is so much pressure on all of us TO BE SOMETHING… and so many people fall into the trap of trying to be something they are NOT! There is STRENGTH and FREEDOM in ACCEPTING that we are who we are…. JUST AS WE ARE… with all the good… the bad… and the ugly… Everyone has all these sides… we are no different.

My challenge is to rise above all the labels that society places on me… and to SHINE MY LITTLE LIGHT… in my own little world… There is a saying… Bloom where you are planted… You may not be able to change the world… but you can change the world of someone you know… your neighbour… your family member… your workplace… your hang out place… all the places you belong to… You have a special invitation to make something nicer… happier… brighter…  by smiling… giving a compliment… doing something nice… Small things matter… they really do matter to someone who is hurting… someone who is having a bad day… someone who is losing hope… YOU have the power to change a bad day into a beautiful day… Discover what you are good at… and you will find that it helps you even more than it helps someone else. 

~ Momma Bear


Author: Lady D

28 Year Old Canadian Gal

One thought on “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?”

  1. It took me years to find out who I was and then when I finally figured it out,I wasn’t sure that I liked who I was. lol…I was a servant rather than someone who held any authority or profession. Let’s just say that for a time I really wasn’t impressed Momma Bear where I was planted. I mean how does a servant bloom! What I had to learn here was this: I had to learn to see with my heart, the things my eyes and brain could not. And what I saw was a world of broken, hurting people who just needed someone to care, love and accept them. So whatever need the person had, I tried to do my best at helping that person. I soon found out that there was a high cost to being a servant as well. You see I work in the trenches of life. This is where I have been planted and it’s the people that I care for and help that do the blooming. Me, I am just the waterer.


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