House Rules

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

The purpose of this site is to promote and maintain a SAFE place to discuss issues regarding mental health and wellness…

We are a mother/daughter team who have personally been affected by mental illness. This site is NOT affiliated with any religious, political,or activist group.


Although we absolutely believe that spirituality is hugely important for mental health… we are deeply saddened by the very dangerous views and mis-information many religious people have regarding medication and treatment. Therefore… we have decided to make this place a NO RELIGION ZONE. 

We believe that EVERY single person is precious, unique, and of great worth… We also understand that those who suffer with mental illness often feel alone… desperate… exhausted… and frustrated with life. WE will accept you as you are… no need to pretend that all is well. 

We are NOT professionals… and are unable to give medical advice. We also ask that others follow the same rule… NO MEDICAL ADVICE please. However we are here to support one another during what can be a lonely and scary period.

Our hearts are to remove the stigmas associated with Mental Health.


Author: Lady D

28 Year Old Canadian Gal

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